Art Trek Open Studios
We hope you enjoy visiting the artists in their homes and workspaces and that you find the experience uplifting and friendly

Here are a few tips on what to expect when visiting the artists.
There is no pressure on visitors to buy from artists, but should you want to, please note that due to the nature of an open studios event, some artists will only be able to accept cash or cheques on the day and may be miles from the nearest bank or cash machines.

Some of the Art Trek artists will take on commissions: here are a few ideas and ground rules should you want to commission a piece from any of the artists or makers.

  • Discuss the time logistics with the artist.
  • Discuss a fee, which should include artist time/materials/delivery/installation etc.
  • Pay a deposit (a percentage to be agreed between you and artist).
  • Agree timeline to liaise during making of commission, re: progress reports/photos, etc.
  • Perhaps agree staged payments, or perhaps a final payment on invoice, on completion of the piece, prior to delivery/collection/installation.
  • Include all the above discussion points and the agreed fee into a contract document, which both artist and commissioner should agree and sign. Print two copies, so each party has a copy to refer to in case of changes.
  • Taking this structured approach in a professional manner helps both parties.

Art Trek can take no responsibility for any financial transactions between artists and visitors, we are merely the vehicle to promote the artists to the visitors.

Visiting artists studios and workspaces can involve coming into contact with the tools of their trade, so please treat with respect as there may be items such as; sharp tools, scattered items restricting floorspace, fragile ceramics and hot kilns and other unexpected obstacles. If visiting with children, please check that the venue is child friendly prior to your visit.

Visitors are asked to take due care whilst visiting any of the artists venues as they are working spaces with tools, machinery, etc. Art Trek cannot be held responsible for any accidents that may occur.

Finally, if coming a long way, it may be worth contacting the venues you plan to see, just in case their opening days and times have changed due to personal reasons.

Full details will be available on this website from the end of May but meanwhile, why not engage with us via our two Art Trek Facebook pages?